One Direction ?? My LIFE !

Oh how i love HIM. He's perfect. He's amaZAYN. He's a real MAN. He's lovely.He would be the perfect Father. He's loving baby Lux. —>

He's just himself. He's didn't change 'cause he's famous. Like the other boys. They are just themselves. They would never change 'cause they famous. An Example: The "Kiss You" Video. ♥

This 5 Boys just grown up. This 5 Boys are my idiots.Our idiots. This 5 Boys are my Idols. Our Idols. You didn't need to like them, but don't hate them. You don't know them. You don't know US. Us DIRECTIONERS!! ♥ №1 ONE DIRECTION!

One Band. One Dream. One Direction. ♥

® © by Me

Say what you want. I love them forever & always.

Little things about me:

My Full Name: Mervenur (don't the rest)

My Birthday: 20.09.98

My Age, Star Sign : 14, Virgin

Hobbies: singing( but i can't :P), dancing, write fanfics..

Celeb Crush: Zayn Malik

Woman Crush: Demi Lovato

And more :)

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